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Taranta Atelier

15. September 2019 um 10:00 - 13:00

50 / 30
Taranta Ateier - Maristella Martella

Dance workshop with Tarantella dancer Maristella Martella from southern Italy.

The body is a means by which one creates; it is a mirror of one’s own experience, but also an expression of the culture, collective memory, and social context impressed onto the modality of movement, postural attitudes, and gestures. Dance transmits and reflects the spirit, conflict, and hope of its own time and context. It has always accompanied the celebration of important events in the community: births, marriages, natural events, etc. As an artistic form and collective expression, it passes on cultural and social values. The traditional/ethnic dance in particular is an inexhaustible reservoir of experiences and knowledge of the history of the people it represents.

Maristella Martella’s starting point of research is ritual, and the origin of therapeutic traditional music and dance from Southern Italy: of trance and Tarantism. For Martella, delving into the technical virtuosity and choreographic complexity of traditional dance is not enough. She takes it further by analyzing the practice of ritual and its theatrical expression by adding the dimension of contemporary dance’s language. This way, different possibilities for reading and interpreting traditional codes and their transformations can be offered.

The phenomenon which will be explored in this workshop is Tarantism. Tarantism belongs to the complex and ancient Southern Italian ideological system. According to the legend, the Tarantism is an ailment through the bite of a tarantula, scorpion, or snake. In this context, when an individual would show symptoms of Tarantism, the members of their household/village would conduct a therapeutic ritual. The healing and reintegration of the person suffering were achieved through the use of various elements such as music, dance, and colors. It is said that the swirling dance ritual was the only cure.


Taranta Ateier - Maristella MartellaThe methodology that Martella follows is predominantly experiential and deductive. Therefore, the foundation is practice. However, it alternates with moments of observation and reflection aimed at developing a new practice.

Practical and conscious experience matures through the process of transformation of the movement, within a structure of choral improvisation. The training is based on a conscious and profound exercise of one’s own energetic body, which follows to the material one. Martella’s personal reflection on movement, which has matured through her work as a dancer, choreographer, and interpreter of ethno-contemporary dance, flows into it.

The exercise of listening to one’s own and others’ movement and the intertwining of their respective motoric geometries, determines a deep immersion in the body itself as a mirror of a unique experience; bearer of one’s own individual and collective history.

Movement is experienced in an incessant transformation – transition of forms in balance between fullness and emptiness, tension and relaxation, balance and disequilibrium. The individual dancers will undergo a guided improvisation to move through these processes.


15. September 2019
10:00 - 13:00
50 / 30


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